Deck of Cards Workout: A Great At-Home Workout

My husband introduced me to this workout a few years ago. It is a great alternative if you can not make it to the gym or if you are just looking for some at home workouts.

You will need:

  • A Full Deck of Cards


Once you have a deck a cards designate an exercise for each suit. Write it down on a little piece of paper to refer back to. Here is an example:

  • Clubs = Crunches
  • Hearts = Jumping Jacks
  • Spades = Squats
  • Diamonds = Push Ups

You decided. If you have weights maybe make one of the exercises bicep curls. That is the beauty of this workout, you can do whatever you like.

Once you have designated the exercises you can begin. Shuffle the deck good. Pick a card and do the exercise that correlates and then put the card to the side. For instance, if you pick the 10 of diamonds do 10 pushups. If the next card is the 8 of spades do 8 squats and so on. For face cards we do the following:

  • Jacks = 11
  • Queens = 12
  • Kings = 13
  • Aces = 14

*For an extra challenge include jokers and when a joker is picked do 5 of each exercise.

Keep going through the cards until you complete the deck. You will find that although this is a simple concept it is a very challenging workout.








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