Fruit Infused Water

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU LISTENED TO YOUR BODY?  Of course, you will not hear your body say, “Hey you, are you listening to me?” I mean, if your body actually does say that then forget the water detox and go straight to the doctor, lol.

Our bodies speak to us through different ways, maybe through dry skin, or an abdominal discomfort, or perhaps feeling tired. I am by no means a doctor so if you are feeling constant discomfort then you need to see a physician.

Lately, my body has been speaking to me through the feelings of sluggishness and lack of energy.  Today I listened to  I am doing a fruit infused water detox with the following:

  • Cucumbers
  • Limes
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Peppermint Tea Bag (I like the taste of mint and I do not have any fresh mint)

This is a great way to just flush your body and rid it of some toxins. Here are just a few of the ways consistent fruit infused water detoxes can benefit your body

  • Better digestion
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Boosting your metabolism and energy

I urge you to listen to your body and try a water detox. Research the benefits of various fruits and try one.  There are many websites out there that have great recipes. Enjoy!


~ Tricia




Squeeze the Day

Do you ever sit around in the evening and feel that you have accomplished nothing that day? Mostly likely you probably haven’t, lol. So what do you do now? Vow to yourself to take advantage of the next day, and the one after that.

Make your thoughts and ideas come to fruition. That is something that only you have the power to do.  Squeeze the day as the picture says. Make the most out of your day.  Do you keep thinking about cleaning out that drawer in the kitchen (we all have one)?  Well, clean it out.  Do you have an idea for a blog post? Well, write it.  Have you been putting off that phone call to a friend?  Well, make it. When you finish that then do something else.  Just don’t let another day go by where you feel like you have accomplished nothing.


Is Your Bed Made!?!

Why is it that you don’t make your bed? That is probably the first chore that you get as a youngster, yet as an adult you find that there are entire days where your bed looks like the one in the top left corner of this picture.  It was about 12:30 when I took that picture. I walked in my room and looked at the bed and was confused as to why I wanted my room to look this way. When my husband comes home form work is this what would make him feel relaxed after a long day? No!

So I made my bed. It took all of 5 minutes. Look how much better it looks. Is your bed made? If not and your are home stop reading this post and go make it.  I’ll wait………………….. now don’t you feel better? 🙂


Ms. Margaret

In early 2013 we had a yard sale. I guess since we had just moved in about 6 months prior neighbors thought it would be a good time to check us out. One of those neighbors was Ms. Margaret (i changed her name for privacy purposes). Ms. Margaret is an older women in her late 70’s. She introduced herself and told us that she was widowed. She also said that at times she is lonely.  My heart always breaks when I see older people alone.

Over the past year I kept telling my husband that I wanted to take the kids by her home and say hi. I figured that these two smiley faces would brighten anybody’s day. So a couple months ago I went by and reintroduced myself and my two little ones. She seemed genuinely happy and pleasantly surprised.

Ms. Margaret went on to tell me about the neighbors she liked and didn’t like. She asked about my family and told me about hers. She said she designed the plans for her home when it was built and couldn’t see herself leaving.

She just wanted to chat. So I let her.

Today the kids and I went and took her this plant pictured above. Again she was surprised and welcomed us in her home. The living room was a little cluttered with papers and knick-knacks but very warm. The kids and I sat down and and she got up and went in the other room to get something.  When Ms. Margaret returned she had a few old toys that she gave to my kids. I told her that she didn’t have to give them anything, that we simply wanted to give her the plant. She insisted. At this point my kids are wondering around her living room fighting back the temptation to touch.  Of course they spotted the little candy dish that you can find in the home of most older people.  I allowed them to each have a soft mint which made their day.

Ms. Margaret told me how she has been running around because both of her children recently had hip surgery’s. Then she told me to guess her age. I undershot on purpose so not to offend her. She chuckled at my answer and said she was about to be 80.

Then she said, “Not bad for an old woman like me, huh.”

I acted shocked at her age and asked if she had any big birthday plans. She said her kids would probably take her out to dinner. Then she mentioned how much she likes the banana nut muffins at Perkins. I took a mental note. Again Ms. Margaret just wanted to chat. She went from the repairs that she was about to have done on her home to how she has gone up to city hall to get more street lamps on our street.

I politely said we had to go but wanted to make sure she had my phone number in case she needed anything. Ms. Margaret was gracious and gave me hers. The kids thanked her again for the toys and said bye. I like to think we made her day.

Do you have any older neighbors? If so, just take the time to say hi and perhaps listen to them chat.  I have always enjoyed sitting and talking to my elders. I have lost my grandparents and I would give anything just to hear their voices again. If yours are still living then give them a call or drop by and spend time. If you were older and alone I am sure you would like someone to spend a little time with you.



Never Think You Can’t

In 2010 while pregnant with our first child I told my husband that I was interested in getting a prenatal massage. I researched prenatal massages and became familiar with the modifications that needed to be made. When I phoned the spa to book my appointment the woman assured me that they had a masseuse that was skilled in providing massages for pregnant women, her name was Denise.

When I arrived at the spa I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and directed to the locker room and waiting area. I went early purposely so that I would have time to enjoy lounging in the comfortable robe, drinking the refreshing lemon water served in a wine glass while listening to the relaxing soundscapes in the waiting area. I was totally unaware that my outlook on myself and life would be changing in a matter of minutes.

“Patricia.” I heard a soft voice say. I looked up and saw a very attractive young woman in her early 20’s.

“I am Denise, I will be giving you your massage today.” We said our hellos and exchanged warm smiles.

I followed her to a room where she had me lay down on the table. It was then that I realized that she only had three fingers on her right hand. I know some people in that situation may have felt a bit uneasy but I had the exact opposite feeling. I was very comfortable. I wanted to know more about her. I do not know many individuals that would be able to overcome an obstacle like she had by doing what she was doing. Her job was working with her hands and one of which was badly disfigured.

As I closed my eyes to enjoy the serenity of the next fifty minutes I began to think about my own purpose in life. I had just celebrated my one year anniversary and expecting our first child. After getting married and relocating to a different state I was unsuccessful finding employment doing what I loved, which was working with students. Then once we discovered we were expecting our first child my husband and I decided that it would be great for me to be a stay at home mom.

I became so involved with my role of being a wife and impending motherhood that I was no longer doing things for me. I lost my passion for things I was once interested in and very good at might I say. By losing focus of my interests and neglecting to foster my talents I know longer had the confidence in myself that I once had. I have always enjoyed journaling and writing stories, but I no longer took the time to do so. When I would come across something inspiring that propelled the urge to write I would dismiss it because I no longer felt that I was good at it.

As those fifty minutes were slowly going by I was thinking of what Denise had inside her that motivated and inspired her spirit to choose a career that many would not think she would be able to do. What was her drive that allowed her to push past the naysayers and achieve her goal of being a masseuse? There was something that she had that I wanted. I wanted to believe in myself the way she believed in herself. Instead of being envious of this young woman I was inspired by her. Along with being a wife and a mother I wanted to do things that I enjoyed doing.

How dare I ever say that I am not good enough to accomplish a goal I wish to achieve! How dare YOU ever say that again about yourself! When you do think about Denise.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I went back to get a massage from that same spa and requested Denise. The woman told me that Denise was no longer there because she was given a greater opportunity somewhere else. I was happy for her while disappointed that I could not tell her how she inspired me. I will never forget those fifty minutes and how they changed my life forever.

What My Mom Loves Most About Me.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. It was also exactly 2 months since my last post.  For the past 2 months I took a break from writing. It did not start out as a break but that is what it turned into. It was as if I was waiting for something big to happen before I could start writing again. At times I even found myself setting dates that I would write a post. I would say things to myself like “I will start writing when Lent is over.” or “I will write a post on the first of the month.” But I didn’t. Those days would just come and go and I would not write a thing.

Then yesterday happened. I was reading a magazine in the car while waiting for my husband to pick up some pizza.

Yes.   Pizza.   On.   Mother’s Day…….DON’T JUDGE ME…lol.

So I was reading the magazine when I came across an article titled 5 things you should know about  your mom (in case you were wondering, all the words were lowercase). These were the five things the article stated we should know about our mothers:

  1. What she loves most about you
  2. That her marriage isn’t perfect
  3. Her Achilles’ heel
  4. Her health history
  5. How other people see her

These were the things I knew:

  1. Being married myself I know that no marriage is perfect.
  2. My mother’s weakness is her grandchildren (in the sense of she would do anything for them, but she describes them as her strength).
  3. I constantly inquire (I am sure she would say I constantly over inquire) about her health.
  4. And, I know how other people see her. They see her has funny, open, and loving.

I knew all of these things about my mother. However, I did not know what she loves most about me. Please do not misunderstand, I know she loves things about me but I realized I did not know what she loves most. So, I called her and asked.

When she answered the phone I said, “Mom I am reading a magazine about 5 things you should know about your mom, but I do not know the first thing.” She asked what the question was and I asked, “What do you love most about me?” Without hesitation she answered, “Your creative writing skills.”

It doesn’t get any deeper than that for me. For all the many things she could have said (notice the word many…lol) what she loved most had to do with my writing.


Family Music Night

Here I was taking a break from the very thing that my own mother loves most about me.  It totally encouraged me to get back on here and write. Then in the mail today I received a copy of a magazine with a published piece I wrote and even received payment for. It is a small piece, but it is a published piece. It was such a confirmation.

I hope this post motivated and encouraged you to keep doing what you love doing, because it just might be what someone else loves most about you!


I’m Possible!

I have not posted in 13 days. I needed motivation and I came across this quote by Audrey Hepburn. “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”

I loved it! Lately I have lost focus of my goals, my writing goals, my fitness and nutritional goals, and home organization goals. I find myself tired….often. Drained. From what? I don’t know. I do not get up super early and have even found myself taking a nap some days when the kids take theirs.

I have not been writing or working out so what am I tried from.To be honest with myself I must admit that I am tried because I have been doing nothing. I have not been doing the things that keep me focused, energized, and motivated.  The only thing being tired from doing nothing does is puts you in that funk. Are you in that funk I have spoken about before? Click here to read more about it.

Why have I stopped doing the things that I enjoy and make me feel good. Working out makes me feel great!  For me it is not about losing weight… it is about doing something I thought was impossible. Waking up early and working out is not something I thought I could do.  And if I did work out in the morning I figured it would make me feel drained all day. But I was able to do it and it had the exact opposite effect on me. It gave me more energy than usual.

There was a time when I made sure I drank at least 64oz of water every day. I did not think that was something I would be able to handle, but I did it. It made me feel so refreshed and focused. When I stopped drinking water throughout the day and began to feel irritable and dehydrated and I allowed myself to become content feeling that way.

When I started this blog I set the goal of 4 posts a week. They could be recipes, short posts, long posts, it didn’t matter as long as there were 4 a week. At first I was making my goal and it was not a difficult task. It was fun.  I enjoyed going to the stats and seeing how many people my blog reached… people from all over the world were reading my posts. I was so excited! So why did I stop?

I begin to ask myself the following questions:

  • Why did I start doing nothing?
  • Why am I sabotaging my own progress?
  • Am I am afraid of success?

Ask yourself these questions when you feel yourself retreating from the things you enjoy that make you feel better about yourself. The answers you come up with will be a a wake up call. If you begin to feel your goals are impossible turn that ugly word into “I’m possible”. And never forget that with God ALL things are possible.

Taking the time to do things for me makes me a better, wife, mother, daughter, and child of God.  I need to stop being tried from doing nothing and start being energized doing something!


Writer’s Block

Being a writer, nothing is worse than not having anything to say. I have ideas for some posts but something is hindering me from competing them.  I have about 3 drafts that I can not seem to finish. I am at a standstill.  So I decided to write about not being able to write. Why is it that I am unable to complete these posts? What is blocking me? Is it lack of confidence or insecurities when it comes to my writing?

This not only happens to writers. It can happen to anybody. Are you trying to get in shape? Do you ever get to a point where you hit a standstill and your progress stops? What should you do? Just stop? No! Take a step back and try to be more creative. Face your issue head on and do new things to continue your progress.

Have confidence and faith in yourself and in your abilities. If you give up on a goal no one is going to complete it for you. Find ways to motivate and inspire yourself. Here are some some things you can do.

  • Talk to a encouraging friend
  • Journal about it.
  • Get creative
  • Take a short break to make a new plan
  • Get organized

What ever you do just DON’T stop! If you stop NOTHING can be accomplished. I could have just not put up a post and kept looking at my uncompleted drafts but I didn’t. I got creative and decided to face my issue by writing about it. I don’t always have to have a clever topic or something deep to say. I simply enjoy writing and should just write.






Checklists to Help Simplify

I like lists. I do not use them as often as I should but I like them. They help keep you organized and help you from wasting your time. As I am pursuing a more simple lifestyle I was on the search for lists of household essentials.

I came across these checklists from the HouseBeautiful Website:

These are just simple checklist with essential items. Of course every household is different and has different needs, so tweak them according to the needs of you and your family.

Happy Simplifying!


You Can Do It!

When I was pregnant with my first child my husband booked me a pregnancy massage. I arrived at the Spa early to relax in the waiting area. There I was met with beautiful soundscapes, crisp cool water with lemon, and a variety magazines filed with celebrity gossip. I heard the door open and a gentle voice call my name. I looked up to find an attractive young girl with a warm smile.

She introduced herself and we shook hands. It was then I noticed that she only had 3 fingers on her right hand.  Another might have felt slightly uneasy but I didn’t, I felt very comfortable with her. She inspired me. Although she had a handicap she entered into a profession that made her look it in the face and move past it. A profession that called for her to use her hands. I am sure she faced many naysayers along her journey, but she believed in herself. So in the room w
as one person afraid of pursuing dreams for fear of failure or perhaps success (click here) and another person who knew her capabilities are limitless.

Do you ever feel like you can’t do it? Well you can. And you can do it well. That massage I had was the best one I had ever received. When I was pregnant with my second child I went back to the Spa and asked for her. To my disappointment the receptionist said that she no longer worked there, she had taken a position somewhere else. I was disappointed because I hoped to be in her presence again, I wanted her inspiration to increase my motivation. I am sure she is accomplishing great things.icandoallthings

Believe in yourself. How can you expect someone else to believe in you if you don’t even believe in you?