I’m Possible!

I have not posted in 13 days. I needed motivation and I came across this quote by Audrey Hepburn. “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”

I loved it! Lately I have lost focus of my goals, my writing goals, my fitness and nutritional goals, and home organization goals. I find myself tired….often. Drained. From what? I don’t know. I do not get up super early and have even found myself taking a nap some days when the kids take theirs.

I have not been writing or working out so what am I tried from.To be honest with myself I must admit that I am tried because I have been doing nothing. I have not been doing the things that keep me focused, energized, and motivated.  The only thing being tired from doing nothing does is puts you in that funk. Are you in that funk I have spoken about before? Click here to read more about it.

Why have I stopped doing the things that I enjoy and make me feel good. Working out makes me feel great!  For me it is not about losing weight… it is about doing something I thought was impossible. Waking up early and working out is not something I thought I could do.  And if I did work out in the morning I figured it would make me feel drained all day. But I was able to do it and it had the exact opposite effect on me. It gave me more energy than usual.

There was a time when I made sure I drank at least 64oz of water every day. I did not think that was something I would be able to handle, but I did it. It made me feel so refreshed and focused. When I stopped drinking water throughout the day and began to feel irritable and dehydrated and I allowed myself to become content feeling that way.

When I started this blog I set the goal of 4 posts a week. They could be recipes, short posts, long posts, it didn’t matter as long as there were 4 a week. At first I was making my goal and it was not a difficult task. It was fun.  I enjoyed going to the stats and seeing how many people my blog reached… people from all over the world were reading my posts. I was so excited! So why did I stop?

I begin to ask myself the following questions:

  • Why did I start doing nothing?
  • Why am I sabotaging my own progress?
  • Am I am afraid of success?

Ask yourself these questions when you feel yourself retreating from the things you enjoy that make you feel better about yourself. The answers you come up with will be a a wake up call. If you begin to feel your goals are impossible turn that ugly word into “I’m possible”. And never forget that with God ALL things are possible.

Taking the time to do things for me makes me a better, wife, mother, daughter, and child of God.  I need to stop being tried from doing nothing and start being energized doing something!


Writer’s Block

Being a writer, nothing is worse than not having anything to say. I have ideas for some posts but something is hindering me from competing them.  I have about 3 drafts that I can not seem to finish. I am at a standstill.  So I decided to write about not being able to write. Why is it that I am unable to complete these posts? What is blocking me? Is it lack of confidence or insecurities when it comes to my writing?

This not only happens to writers. It can happen to anybody. Are you trying to get in shape? Do you ever get to a point where you hit a standstill and your progress stops? What should you do? Just stop? No! Take a step back and try to be more creative. Face your issue head on and do new things to continue your progress.

Have confidence and faith in yourself and in your abilities. If you give up on a goal no one is going to complete it for you. Find ways to motivate and inspire yourself. Here are some some things you can do.

  • Talk to a encouraging friend
  • Journal about it.
  • Get creative
  • Take a short break to make a new plan
  • Get organized

What ever you do just DON’T stop! If you stop NOTHING can be accomplished. I could have just not put up a post and kept looking at my uncompleted drafts but I didn’t. I got creative and decided to face my issue by writing about it. I don’t always have to have a clever topic or something deep to say. I simply enjoy writing and should just write.






Food Journal / Church Weight Loss Challenge

wpid-20140103_120750.jpgThe other day I decided to start a food journal. It was 7pm and I looked in the mirror fed up with the weight I have gained. I can not even blame it on having two children because I lost the weight shortly after my daughter (who is 1) was born. In fact, since having my gallbladder surgery in June I have gained 11 pounds.

wpid-PhotoGrid_1388775757152.jpgThree months ago the Pastor of my church (who is also my father-in-love) decided to start a 3 month church-wide weight loss challenge. Do not get it confused with a competition to see who loses the most weight. He wants us to simply challenge ourselves to be healthier as a congregation. He even donated gym equipment to the church that he purchased himself so that there would be a place for members to go and work out.

With 2 small children and my church being  about 40 minutes away it is hard for me to get over there through the week with all of our daily activities.  However, we have an elliptical at home so I promised myself that I would use that and do some form of exercise daily.

And I did. I would get up every morning at 6:30 and work out. At times I would even switch it up by doing workouts that were OnDemand.  I felt good. But then. That one morning. It only takes ONE morning to lay in bed a little longer and not get up to work out. That led to TWO days and so forth. I started to feel blah again. So the other day the idea of a food journal hit me.

It was 7pm and I decided to write down everything I had eaten and drank up until that point that day. It was a slap in the face. Physically writing down that I was  eating like crap and had gone through the day only having drank 1/2 of a pineapple soda and a cup of iced tea for my fluids is such an eye opener. Each day as I right down what I have eaten I vow that I will not feel as bad as I did the day before because each day I find myself doing better.  I still need to up my water intake but I am making progress.

Next week the commitment is over. I know I did not make the progress I had hoped but you know what? I have started a new 3 months and I will keep it going.

I will do a separate post to go in detail about feeling blah and my weight loss journey.