The Crumbs

Recently I came across this blog First Fruits or Leftovers? at This article is simply asking the question, “Does your husband get your best?”.

The writer asks the following questions:

  • Do I dress up more for the women at Bible study than I do for my husband?
  • Am I more grace-filled with my children or my spouse?
  • Who sees my smile the most: the stranger on the street or the man I share a bed with?
  • The majority of my thoughts, my prayers, my time, and my energy are directed at whom?
  • At the end of the day, do I have time to blog but don’t have time to initiate great sex?

I must admit as I sat here and asked myself these questions and came to the conclusion that my husband is getting my leftovers. For instance, when my husband leaves for work I am in PJs and have just gotten out of bed. After he leaves I get dressed to take the kids to whatever is on the agenda for the day. My outfit is usually a nice top, jeans and boots. However, by the time my husband comes home I am in sweats and totally undone. Why do I get dressed for strangers, yet my husband does not get to enjoy dressed up Tricia? He is totally getting my leftovers.

The smile question, same thing. I am all smiles at the library and play dates but in the evening I am straight faced Ms. Serious Pants. Makes no sense. And I am not even going to talk about that last question…lol.

Instead of thiswpid-2014-10-27-21.27.28.jpg.jpeg

He is getting


Okay, so it may not be that bad, but you get the point. If I am giving him anything other than my first fruits then it is not fair to him or our marriage. I want his first fruits and not his leftovers so it is only right that I give what I expect to receive. I promise to work on this and update you on how I am doing.

Is your spouse getting your first fruits or leftovers.