The Simple Life

Do you every wonder what it would be like to have a more simple lifestyle.¬† Not in regards to roles and responsibilities but in regards to “things”. Every time I can not take more than 3 steps with out picking something up I think about that. How would our household be with less stuff?

I see people with children who can live minimal lives. I don’t think I can do just 3 pairs of pants with 7 shirts in my wardrobe, but I do desire a lifestyle where less is more. What do you think? Would you be able to do it? I know I can definitely downsize in clothes. I have already done so when it comes to hair and beauty products.

When I talked to my husband about this and he thought it sounded good but feels that it would be difficult. I am not sure about him but I know I will simplify my things and random things around the house that serve no purpose.

I wonder what my kids would  do if we downsized their toys. You know like all the little random toys that come with kids meals that build up and take up space. Would your kids even notice? I am not sure if mine would. THEY HAVE SO MUCH. After Christmas is usually when I see how much they really have. That is one of the times of the year that we rotate their toys. This year I am overwhelmed. Maybe I just need a better way to organize.

Do you desire a more simple life?